Value Generator Plugin for Datanucleus HBase will become part of Datanucleus 3

As promised I in my last blog post (by the way – I hope you liked it), I’ve released an enhanced version to GitHub so every one of you can download the source code and around with it. I also included a maven build file, so  it should not be too difficult to build the version locally and resolve all the dependencies.

The GitHub version contains the following enhancements:

  • better table name
  • use of fully qualified field name instead of name argument
  • enhanced logging
  • maven build file

The second news I wanted to share with you is that Andy Jefferson from Datanucleus suggested, that he will make this plugin code part of Datanucleus version 3. As I like this idea very much I gave him permission to do so and created a JIRA (NUCHBASE-26). So from Datanucleus version 3 on everyone will be able to use increment value generator strategy natively, without having to use a plugin. Checkout the Datanucleus Blog to see what other features they are working on for version 3.


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