Connect to HDFS using a proxy

As stated in Yesterday’s blog post I am currently working with a Hadoop cluster running up in the AWS cloud. I’m still not happy with the decision of running it in the cloud, but that’s a different story. In addition in our company we do have to use a proxy server to access the internet and there are no exceptions to that. As our Hadoop cluster is mainly used for development tests at the moment it would be a great benefit if we could directly connect to it from our local developer computers and that’s what I’m going to describe in this article.

There are a couple of steps necessary to achieve that:

  1. As we don’t have a SOCKS proxy in our company we have to setup a SSH tunnel to be used as a SOCKS proxy – the SSH tunnel is opened from a desktop computer running CentOS and the end-point of our SSH connection is one of our EC2 instances
    [root ~]$ cd /tmp/
    [root ~]$ wget
    [root ~]$ gcc connect.c -o connect
    [root ~]$ sudo cp connect /usr/local/bin/ ; chmod +x /usr/local/bin/connect
    [root ~]$ cd ~
    [root ~]$ vi ~/.ssh/config
    ## Outside of the firewall, with HTTPS proxy
    Host X.X.X.X #hostname or ip address of your host requiring a proxy
     ProxyCommand connect -H PROXY_HOST:3128 %h 22
    ## Inside the firewall (do not use proxy)
    Host *
     ProxyCommand connect %h %p
    [root ~]$ ssh -D LISTEN_IP:8080 root@X.X.X.X -i ~/.ssh/private_key_certificate.pem

    If you don’t need your SOCKS proxy (aka SSH tunnel) to be reachable from other machines you can also remove the LISTEN_IP and have the tunnel listen on instead.

  2. Add the following settings to your hdfs-site.xml
  3. In addition I would strongly recommend to add the following launch arguments to your Java application, just in case you are opening any other network connections (i.e. Solr, …)
    -Dsocks.proxyHost=SOCKS_PROXY_IP -Dsocks.proxyPort=8080

Now you should be able to connect to HDFS from behind a proxy.


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